Welcome to our Manor Racing Team fan blog

rio haryanto


Welcome to our blog dedicated to the sexiest team on the F1 grid in 2016 – Manor Racing Team.

With a sexy new name, engine and logo, 2016 promises to be the biggest and best year yet for team hailing from the sexiest town in all of England, Branbury.

Now let’s lay our cards on the table here, we are no Johnny-come-lately in our fandom of the sexiest team in F1 and have supported this team from its entry into the sport in 2010 and through its many different incarnations.

At first we were a little unsure of what to think about this plucky young upstart but when competition for our hearts were the unfortunately named HRT and the other had Tony Fernandes face attached to it, it soon became clear to MRT Fan Blog HQ where our long term desires would lay.

Despite a tough couple of years for our heroes – we are more excited than a twelve year old girl with a Justin Beiber ticket about the what lays ahead for our heartthrobs in red and white in 2016.

So why the blog and now?  Well we at Manor Racing Fan Blog HQ have never been so uninspired by F1 and we are old enough to remember Jonathan Palmer commentating on races. Mismanagement at the top,  lack of competition upfront,  races in countries ran by regimes that make FIFA ethically pristine and a  world champion who no matter how much he tries to convince us, is about appealing as an evening in the company of Ross Dennis.

It seems to us that ironically, the only team with a sexy story to tell is the team formally known as Virgin Racing.  Bring on the podiums!