A few words

It has been five days since we broke the news that the bid by CGF to save Manor Racing had failed.

It had become clear to us two weeks before the bid officially ended, that the efforts to keep the team alive was likely doomed to failure. There was simply too much going on behind the scenes and too little time to the start of the season for it to happen.

We had braced for failure for a while but even we were surprised it dragged out as long as it did, but when the news finally did come, it still left us feeling extremely deflated.

We received news the day previous, that one of the very few members of staff who remained in the factory, and had been one of the key people in the negotiations, had officially left the company. It was a very ominous sign that things had come to an end.

The next afternoon we received the official confirmation from our source that the takeover talks were coming to an end with no resolution. We didn’t break the news for a few more hours until we had received confirmation that the key people involved in the bid on the Manor side were informed.

In the past six weeks only we had been reporting on this bid. I’ve had to put up with a lot of criticism and sometimes abuse regarding the credibility of my reports. We told you there was a bid from CGF and a few weeks later, the administrators confirmed to certain members of staff there was a bid, which in turn led to multiple members of staff getting in touch with us. Talks remained ongoing for several weeks and Sky Sports F1 confirmed this. It was us that broke the news the talks had ended and the next day, the the F1 media followed.

Some of reports the following day suggested that CGF did not have the money to complete the bid. This is utter nonsense. In a few weeks time, something will come out that will blow all of those suggestions out of the water and maybe then people will be able to see what really happened at the very end of Manor Racing. The post-mortem will not reflect kindly on certain people.

Our time looking behind the curtain has left us with a bad taste in our mouths. The team in the end did not fold because of one particular reason, it was more of an amalgamation things in the end. Some of them are not yet in the public domain but the ramifications do not show the sport and those involved in a positive light. It will take more than a few videos from testing to make me look at certain teams in the same light again.

We have a flight booked to Melbourne but we are pretty certain we won’t be able to stomach going.
We are going to step away from this blog for a little while, we will be back (briefly) when the time is right.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have reached out to us with kind words since last week. We’d also like to thank everyone who has been reading our blog. Not only in the past 6-8 weeks but for the past year. It has been quite the experience and in the most part, a rewarding one.

Thank you. Till next time.