Are Manor up for sale again?


We are long time admirers of the F1 journalist Joe Saward. His articles are easily the best of any of the F1 journalists. He says it how he sees its plus he goes into much more researched detail. We consider ourselves fairly knowledgeable F1 fans but after reading an article published by Joe we always feel like we have learnt something new about the sport.

Sure, sometimes he gets it wrong but who doesn’t? Most of the other journalists just seem to spout the same old stuff that everyone else does, which in turn is spouted out by a thousand blogs who copy and paste their work. Why they do this I will never know, you may as well have just read the press releases direct.

We also like his writing style, enjoy his general musings blogs and also his articles about life on the road travelling to the races. As someone who travels a lot I always appreciate someone who is honest about what some may perceive as a glamorous lifestyle. Fifty plus flights a year and months away from your family is not my idea of fun regardless of my occupation.

So when Joe mentions something about Manor we tend to pay attention and in his post race notebook (always worth a read) he mentions that Manor Race Team may yet again be up for sale. He does not say who too, for how much and why but that’s because there may not be much more to be said at the moment. It might be something, it might be nothing.

In a few ways, a sale of the team makes sense at the present time makes sense. Stephen Fitzpatrick who took control of the team in 2015 may want a quick return on his initial investment and after turning the team around with the appointment of key people on a shoe string budget. He is now on the cusp of turning a team that went bankrupt to a team that is on the brink of the turning the team into column one team with guaranteed revenues of excess of 50 million dollars.

Perhaps he wants to get out whilst the going is good. Fitzpatrick is a wealthy individual but does not have the deep pockets required to make the team a regular points scoring team.

Alternatively, Fitzpatrick who has advocated a second championship for customer teams may have decided with a possible takeover of F1 that he has taken the team as far as he possibly can under the current rules and regulations. There may be change but who can guarantee it will be for the better of the customer teams? Many a rich successful business man has lost millions on F1 ownership. Uncle Stephen might be keen to avoid joining that list.