In defence of Stephen Fitzpatrick


After we we posted yesterdays update, yet another source has come forward to
us to confirm with us that speculation blaming Stephen Fitzpatrick for rejecting the latest CGF offer based on him profiteering, were indeed incorrect.  

Both sources, who are at opposite sides of this deal, have told me without being questioned on the subject, that the blog written by a well-known F1 journalist on Wednesday was wide of the mark.  Neither sources are aware of each other and have no reason to be singing from the same hymn sheet.

Fitzpatrick, who stands to lose millions of pounds of his own money, has become some what of a whipping boy for the situation the team finds itself in.  Can he be accused of being naive when he entered the sport? Yes, but far richer men that Fitzpatrick have come into the sport thinking they could make a success of it and lost a lot more money that he is set to lose.  What he set out to achieve for the team, was always a long shot by anyones reckoning.   

But lets look at what he has done for the team.  He saved the team from going under in 2015 and kept two hundred people in work.  He struck a deal with Mercedes which was crucial to the teams development and then hired experience F1 people for the team and stayed in the background as they set about improving the team.

If this is indeed the end of his involvement with the team, the history books will show that he was in charge of what was easily the teams best season in which they genuinely looked like they actually belonged on the grid.

It was only the fine margins which exist in F1 which have stopped him pulling off a minor miracle.  If he had, we would have undoubtedly have started the 2017 season looking at being a full-time midfield team, worth a lot more money that it was in 2015.   Fitzpatrick took a big risk and has rather cruelly, only just come up short.