Do not panic


Bad news for fans of bland tweets and endless partner product endorsements.

It appears that the official Manor Race Team twitter account is experiencing technical issues.


We did not want to alarm you when we first made this horrifying discovery at about 10 AM this morning but it is now approaching noon and there appears to be no resolution or explanation on the teams other social media feeds which appear to be working fine.

In the mean time we will continually press F5 in the hope of seeing life in the official account and by default become the official spokesperson for the team until then.

If they were a politician or a celebrity TMZ would already be making a huge deal over this nothing story. However, in our own small way, we like to see ourselves as a low budget TMZ for Manor Race Team so we are happy to pass on the news and endlessly speculate about the possibilities of a cyber hack emanating from Indonesia or perhaps we may even publish a story about Pascal Wehrlein’s beauty regime that makes it possible for him to look like a real life Ken Doll. The possibilities are endless.

We will continue this duty until we get a new inane tweet that we have come to expect from the official account and hopefully we can all get on with the rest of our day.

Stay strong folks. We are here for you.