manor garage

There was a section of yesterdays race where the vastly improved Sauber under the control of the increasingly impressive Marcus Eriksson looked like scoring points. At one stage he was 11th and was only a Fernando Alonso / Felipe Massa type collision away from scoring his team’s first points of the season.

Had he scored that single point, he would have moved Sauber up to 10th in the constructors Championship. Manor would have then been looking for snookers in an attempt to regain that position with only three races left.

If the team fail to secure a top 10 position this season it could cost them 30 million dollars. For a team that is already financially struggling that might be the difference between jobs being lost, decreasing the quality of choice for next years drivers or worse, finish the team off altogether.

That is a big deal in our books.

This of course was a major drama for fans of Manor. Our timeline was full of concerned fans who knew fine well what the consequences of what a Sauber point means for our beloved team.

If we take a step back for a moment we can see what a story it is. The story of survival against the odds, a story of two F1 teams pitted against each other in a silly system that penalizes smaller team who in turn have to fight for their lives and a winner takes all scenario. A team that was all but dead two years ago coming back and fighting for yet another day. The story of people’s livelihoods at stake. I’m sweating even just writing that out!

So how did the team relay this epic drama on social media? The crunch moment of the season, the last few laps that could decide the fate of the team!

They sent this tweet out when Ericsson was 11th.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being attracted to a dark haired, well built Scotsman with a sexy accent (my email is above) but REALLY?

We try to be as constructive as possible when it comes to criticizing aspects of the team we all love. We appreciate that in my many aspects they have one hand tied behind there back and do a wonderful job with such limited funds and we are after are just a humble blog whose only qualifications on how a F1 team should be run come from 20 years worth of watching F1 and trust us, that isn’t going to get you very far in a interview!

However, the teams marketing and communication with its fans really is awful. Yesterday was just one of many examples we could have pulled. It’s getting to the point where apart from plugging sponsors, I don’t even know why they bother.

They have an amazing story to tell but seem unable to tell it. Positing emoji’s of rocket ships and declaring your desires for a celeb might be some person’s idea of engaging with fans and a way of promoting the team but it is certainly not ours.

C’mon guys, you can do better.