Five reasons why Maldonado to Manor for 2016 makes no sense for Manor.


Apologies for the silence at Team Manor Racing Fan-blog HQ over the past few days. We have really been through the wringer of late.

As well as being devoted to the sexiest team on the grid, TMRFB HQ are also a passionate followers of world affairs and the plunging oil prices has been worrying us senseless. Possibilities of intra-state rivalries intensifying, chaos in the financial markets and the possibility a new financial crisis on the horizon, thoughts of recession, retrenchment and revolution have been keeping us awake at night.

Then the oil crisis caused Pastor Maldonado to lose his F1 seat and we have not stopped laughing since.

There was to be yet another twist in this roller-coaster week. Once the champagne had ran out and our heads began to clear, we could not believe our eyes when we came across an interview with Maldonado’s manager Nicolas Todt.

“I don’t see any concrete opportunity for Formula One this year. We will try to bounce back in 2017,” he told Reuters.

“Manor is not really an option,” he continued. “After five years at Williams and Lotus…with all due respect to Manor, it makes no sense for Pastor.”

We don’t even know where to start with that statement. Well we do actually.

1. Maldonado has kept himself in F1 through extremely generous state sponsorship funded by the nationalized oil industry. Now having visited it several times, we love Venezuela but even Jeremy Corbyn would struggle to defend the Socialist governments economic record in the past ten years. Post Chavez Venezuela is a basket case and the country is on the brink of collapse. No further money for Pastor will be forthcoming and anything he can scrape together himself will be dwarfed by what others can bring.

      1. Left without any real backing all Maldonado can rely on is his driving skills. I don’t think I need to expand on this point any further.

      2. Throughout its history in F1, Manor has always supported young drivers. All the drivers mentioned with the seats at Banbury are all young drivers keen to make a name for themselves.   Five year veterans with a season ticket at the stewards office need not apply.

      3. Manor Racing is the sexiest team on the grid. It will be a hunk that joins the Banbury Babes. Take a look at that picture above and tell me if that fits well with the image of #TeamSexy.

      4. Money is tight at Manor as it battles heroically to take on some of the largest corporations in the world.  Any spare money that is sloshing around the team should be spent on research, development and pay rises for all those hard working folk back at Banbury, many of whom have sacrificed a lot just to ensure this team stayed in business back in 2014.   Put this another way,  we can’t afford the repairs bill that comes with Pastor.

So with all due respect to Nicolas Todt, Pastor Maldonado to Manor for 2016 makes no sense to Manor.

Farewell Pastor,  thanks for the memories.