It is all happening in Banbury


It’s all happening in Banbury at the moment folks.

Firstly, the team stayed behind at the Circuit Cataluna-Barcelona to what to my knowledge was their first actual filming day since 2013.   Pascal Wehrlein, Rio Haryanto and Jordan King were all in attendance and we cannot wait to be seduced by whatever sexy footage they have instore for us.

Secondly, the team have finally got round to naming a new Marketing Director.   You know what they say, good things come to those who wait and we are super excited that Simon Pavitt formerly of Fuse Sport and Entertainment has joined the team in the past month and not only because we checked out his LinkedIn profile and saw what a hottie he is.  

He comes with 15+ years global sports and entertainment marketing experience having previously worked for GMR Marketing and Generate where he promoted such products such as Ducati and interestingly, the Edinburgh Comedy festival.    

Here is what Simon has to say about joining the Banbury Babes.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring to life the team’s unique personality. It has a start-up feel with an upstart mentality. The team is free from corporate shackles, agile in set up and has the ability to make quick bold decisions in order to be modern day F1 ‘Garagistas’. I am inheriting an enviable existing stable of partners that are hungry to do ground-breaking activation and we have a compelling story of the team’s progress to tell.”

We are really encouraged by that statement and feel that Simon’s appointment is a step in the right direction. We are MRTFBHQ truly believe this team has an amazing story to tell and has a unique selling point, it just seems they have previously been unaware of this or simply unable to tell it.    

Go get them Simon!   Hit us up if you need any ideas.  We are full of em!

Interestingly, the team’s official Gin partner Daffy’s Gin (as opposed to the unofficial one) have announced they are releasing its first limited edition MRT Gin.  It comes in a swanky bottle with a MRT themed bottle case.  We happen to think that this is a rather cool looking little number and look forward to purchasing it.    If the team produces cool products designed for people who can’t afford to buy rolex’s we will snap them up!   Now we are the sort that prefer our drink to be of the single malt variety but we do not live under a rock and have noted how popular Gin is becoming again.   Well done to whomever came up with the idea.    It will be available to buy online after the Monaco Grand Prix, let’s hope we have a reason to celebrate.

We did a little research into Daffy’s before endorsing their product (that is the type of guys we are) and it  turns out we only worked two doors away from Daffy’s Gin HQ not that long ago in Edinburgh.    The same city that holds a world famous comedy festival that Simon Pavvit helped promote.  Unbelievably, it is also where Steven Fitzpatrick went to University at the same time we were living there, as it is, wait for it, our home town!!!

When we all meeting up for drinks guys?