Manor takeover latest: CGF bid rejected by Fitzpatrick


It appears the latest bid by CGF reported by our blog earlier in the week has been rejected by the current owner Stephen Fitzpatrick.

Prominent F1 journalist Joe Saward has reported on his blog that an offer was rejected by Fitzpatrick as not enough money was being offered. Describing the situation as ‘critical’ he also reveals that members of staff have started departing the company.

We are not in the habit of copy and pasting other people’s work and passing it on as our own so you can read Joes full piece here.

The situation now does indeed look desperate. However, we have been in a much worse situation two seasons ago. Our experience in such matters tells us that Fitzgerald is going to fight until the very last-minute to ensure he leaves Manor with as small a personal financial loss at possible. Things may not get better for us fans until it gets worse unfortunately.

Whilst this does not mean the end for Manor we can all but forget about fielding a new car in Melbourne. It is now late January and cars needs to be shipped to Melbourne in five weeks time. The option does exist to bolt on the required spec parts for 2017 onto the MRT05 but that once again will require some sort of funding to appear from somewhere very soon.

Meanwhile, it appears at least one member of the Gelael family is in Banbury. Sean Gelael, currently racing in GP2, whose father Ricardo, has been linked with the CGF consortium bid to buy Manor Racing today posted the below picture to his Snapchat account earlier today.

Of course, Banbury is a wonderful place and who wouldn’t want to go there in late January but lets just hope he brought his Dad and this is trip for business and not pleasure.

Don’t give up just yet folks, but prepare yourself for a few more bumps in the road.