Manor re-sign sponsorship deal with AirBnb


An eagle eyed Manor Racing Fan Blog reader has brought it to our attention that Manor Race Team have re-added the sponsorship of popular travel accommodation provider Air BnB to their list of partners.  The team have yet to announce this officially so we will take all the credit and claim this as an exclusive!

Last year the company had sponsored the team from the Canadian Grand Prix onwards and their branding featured prominently on the car and drivers suits before dropping off for the 2016 season.   The company also have a close relationship with Manor Race Team reserve driver Alexander Rossi who frequently blogs and tweets his approval of their service.



As someone who travels a lot, Air BNB tends to be my first port of call when looking for accommodation.   This is not a sponsored ad I promise but it normally provides not only much better accommodation than hotels but most importantly for thrifty backpackers like us, it normally ends up being cheaper than staying in even a hostel at times.

We quite like that the Manor Race Team’s sponsors are all companies we quite like. What great taste we both have.   We had never heard of Daffy’s Gin but were pleased to read that they were from our home town and having now sampled their product it gets two Manor Racing Fan Blog HQ thumbs up!     We have also been using Shazam before it was really popular. Honestly, we are so hip.    Pertamina actually follow us on Twitter so when are in Indonesia we would not dream of using anything else other than whatever it is they provide.  Heck even someone from Rebellion was very nice to us when we met them in the paddock at pre-season testing.

Now we know this blog is read (and enjoyed) by key personnel at the team and we are going to make a personal plea to them.     I imagine how cool it would be if you get Irn Bru to sponsor the car.   Not only would your fan base go up in Scotland and Russia 1000% but the car actually looks like an Irn Bru can.




The marketing possibilities are endless!