Manor takeover: where things stand after yesterdays bad news


It was literally three minutes after our stubby little fingers pressed publish on our latest blog detailing the processes in which CGF were going through in an attempt to purchase Manor Racing that the news broke that the team would cease to exist on Tuesday the 31st of January.

There is no point in denying that yesterdays news was a big blow to our hopes that the team will be saved by CGF. However, the actual liquidation of the team does not necessarily mean the final nail in this particular coffin as we have been here before in 2015 season and survived. The key thing is, just like it was in 2014, is for the company which holds the licence for a F1 entry to avoid becoming insolvent.

If that scenario is avoided, the team could very easily be brought back to life so we are not willing to start the grieving process just yet.

Our thoughts are with those hard working and dedicated people back at the base in Banbury who will be out of work come this Tuesday. No notice period. No gardening leave. Gone.

What this does mean is that the remaining 140 members of staff who remained with the team once the administration was confirmed, are now be free to start employment elsewhere as of next week. We understand at least one senior member of staff had an other offer of employment only hours after the announcement.

This means that even if CGF somehow save the team, the challenge to make the 2017 just became much much harder as many new members of staff would have to hired with only 8 weeks left till the lights go out in Melbourne. Presumably those who did not find employment in the meantime would return but many key members of staff will be snapped up.

We have had a good relationship a few members of staff and their help, openness and generosity towards this blog will not be forgotten. We have already taken the time to pass these sentiments on privately but would like it to be made public what a great bunch of people they really have been to us. We wish each and every one of them the very best of luck in their future endeavours.

We’d also like to thank them for making us smile on such a tough day when some of the team posed for a picture with the model of the 2017 car. It looks beautiful and we are informed they were confident it was going have the best colour scheme on the grid next season.


We understand that CGF, as we stated yesterday, will still be pursuing the purchase of Manor Racing. The administrators are aware of the situation and a clear (unknown to us) cut off date has now been set. People from the CGF side are working all round the clock over the weekend who are trying to turn this around. We will try and keep you updated if and when we receive any further news.

The fat lady isn’t singing yet, but she’s certainly warming up her voice.