Non Stop Action at MRT

One of the many things that is wrong with F1 these days is that it forgets at this time of the year that it is in the entertainment industry. Does the WWE have a holiday? Hell No! So why does F1 feel it has the right to pack up for three months of the year? From December to March, we F1 fans are left searching around for even a hint of exciting news. Things are so bad I found myself looking at PlanetF1 earlier today. 

Now we appreciate the hard working boys and girls who work up and down the grid deserve a well earned break after a grueling seasons across the globe but a lot more can be done in the off season to provide the fans with some form of entertainment. What is MRT Fan Blog HQ’s solution? We are pleased you asked!

We propose a transfer window style system in which no drivers / employee movement can be ratified until after the previous season has ended.   We kinda suspect the new key holders at Team Enstone probably wish that rule was active this year but instead they left praying that the oil industry collapses even further. Best of luck with that hand guys!

Thankfully our heroes at MRT are already way ahead of us with endless announcements due before the season starts. Think you are hot enough to work for MRT ? Just look at how many jobs are going at MRT.

It will be none stop hardcore action between now and Melbourne and underlines why in our eyes MRT is the sexiest and most exciting team on the grid. They really are a rose in bed of thorns.

In the next few blogs we at MRT Fan Blog HQ will be speculating who the runners and riders are to be fortunate enough to perch their perky asses in the latest Banbury Bullet.

We will offer you this for now however, we predict that they will leave us hanging in suspense and the driver announcement will not be made until the very last minute.

Such a tease.  We love it.