Revealed: The 2017 Manor kit.


These are particularly cruel times to be a Manor Racing Fan.

As we sit here, desperately hoping that against ever increasing odds, the team will somehow be rescued at the very last minute, other teams are starting to unveil their challengers for 2017 in preparation or the first week of pre-season testing in Spain next week.

Of course, courtesy of the fine people back at base in Banbury, it was actually Manor who showed off their hard work over the winter. Incase you have not already seen it, here are the hunks and hunkettes of Manor Racing proudly displaying what would have been the MRT-06 on the day that administrators popped in for chat and some tea without the biscuits.


Courtesy of one of the fine people who used to work at Banbury we have been shown the kit that the team would have been wearing for the 2017.

You can take a closer look here.

In our biased opinion, it would have been easily the best kit on the grid. We did not endear ourselves to a few members of the team with our criticism of the 2016 team kit and merchandise but having now talked to a few unfortunate people who had to wear it at race weekends, we can confirm it was not only us that thought it was awful.

The responsibility of kit and merchandise was commissioned to IIID at the tail end of last year. It once again goes to show you how out of the blue and head scratching the decision to put the team into administration was. Even long-standing critic of the team, Bernie Ecclestone called Mr Fitzpatrick advising him not to do it. But here we are, looking at what may have been.

Regardless, IIID did a top job and although we realise we are now clutching at straws, we continue to hope that somehow their excellent designs get to see some real action.