Rio Haryanto has been cheated!!!!!


Ladies and Gentleman, I am sorry to inform you that a massive miscarriage of justice has taken place in F1.  We are talking OJ Simpson, Gore versus Bush and the last time Bernie E went to court in Germany sized big.

A few weeks before the season started the FOM announced that they would carry out an online poll after every race this season to determine who the fans thought was their driver of the day.   A sensible plan you might say, if you had never used the internet.

The rules of the voting was very clear, it was anonymous with multiple individual voting possible.   If you don’t want multiple votes from individuals, you design your poll as such, it’s very simple.  Even we can do it.    Go ahead and take a look for yourself.

How incompetent are the FOM?

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Voting began soon after the race finished and to no surprise to us our very own Rio Haryanto hit the front and never looked back.

Before we went to bed last night we were informed that Rio Haryanto was in the lead with by a massive 11,313 votes.

We got up this morning and typed up a blog congratulating our hero on his fine effort (20 minutes we are never going to get back) and hovered over the publish button for a few hours ready to press click.   Then this happened.

Surely some mistake right?

We have been passed on the final data from the poll.  Rio Haryanto received 23,750 votes.  The clear winner. Romain Grojsean only received 18,975 votes.   For those interested, Boaty McBoatface was dead last with eight votes.   This will be one of the very few blogs that you read these figures,  you were not supposed to see them.

It now transpires that the FOM have now decided that “in the interests of fairness, votes identified as originating from the same source were not counted.” Basically, they changed the rules when they did not like the result.

How do they know it is people spam?  Were the same rules applied to the rest of the field as they were to Rio?  He has a huge following in Indonesia, were individual people all using the same computer discounted also?

Given that they can’t even set up an online poll properly are you telling me that they can identify multi-users?  We repeat once again, there was nothing in the original poll that prevented you from voting more than once.

Given how poorly designed the poll was, I very much doubt they know who got what votes and have just made it up. It’s a fix folks!

Rio Haryanto has been cheated out of a trophy.  Following the qualification fiasco in Melbourne, this is yet another example of how F1 thinks then acts without worrying about how to implement it.   They could not organize a piss up in a brewery.

There is an obvious solution to all of this.  Instead of trying to hide their incompetence with a made up winner,  give Rio Haryanto the prize that he won fair and square under the rules they set and then they can re-design their poll.  If they need a hand I’m happy to help.

We will not rest until there is justice for Rio.