Team Haryanto make proposal to Indonesian entrepreneur.


With the deadline for the providing the funds to Manor to secure a race seat believed to be looming for Rio Haryanto. Reports coming out of Indonesia this morning show that Rio Haryanto along with his mother, Pennywati, and his manager, Piers Hunnisett, met with Indonesian entrepreneur Sandiaga Uno this afternoon (16/2). Uno is the founder of one of Indonesia’s largest investment banks and in 2009, he was listed as 29th richest man in Indonesia according to Forbes magazine

It has been widely reporting that Haryanto requires a budget of 15 million euros to complete the entire season with a alternative option of 7 races for 5 million euros also on the table. It was originally believed that Haryanto would receive government support but in recent weeks the money has not been forthcoming from Indonesia’s ruling party.   It has been reported that his family have taken out a loan of 3 million dollars which has been paid to Manor last week as a deposit. Haryanto also has personal sponsors in the form of Pertamina, oil and natural gas corporation,  who have according to CNN Indonesia contributed 5.2m million euros to his funds.

“We will look at the possibility of assisting Rio. I will continue to coordinate with the management of Rio because they need help quickly,”  Uno told the media. Uno also stated that Rio really needs to be given support and has the potential to become a national asset so the struggles he faces, needs to be appreciated.  “F1 has 1.8 billion eyes watching within a period of eight months, which is a good form of promotion for Indonesia. Having Rio in F1 would boost our morale and would it would be a boost to our broadcasters whom I am also happy to help”

“Tonight I will read the materials provided by management Rio and hopefully later can then provide assistance to Rio” said Uno.

There are conflicting reports as to when the deadline set by Manor to Haryanto to raise the funds it. However, Haryanto has stated today that he wishes to participate in next weeks pre-season testing which suggests that a resolution is expected within the next few days.