Sky Sports F1 confirm talks are ongoing

Sky Sports News F1 have confirmed that that talks to save Manor Racing are still ongoing.

They report: “Talks have been ongoing over the last couple of weeks with a party that would seek to buy the team and that has meant that the administrators, who are in charge of the factory and the cars, have deferred any kind of auction or sale of all of those goods until they are sure that either they can go ahead with this sale or that it’s not going to come to pass.”

They also suggest that Manor Racing could enter the campaign as late as the Spanish GP, though they may have to use an old chassis if they really were to return. We would dispute this based on evidence we have been provided but this deal changes from day to day and it is possible that it has changed since we were last updated.

It is significant that a media outlet has finally broken cover and reported what only we have been reporting for the past month. Not only because it is one of F1’s largest official broadcaster partners but because the reporter Craig Slater, is the man who broke the story regarding the team being put into administration back on January the 6th.

Manor Racing Fan Blog was told over a month ago that the news of the teams impending administration was leaked to Slater from a source that was not a Manor Racing employee and broadcast before the previous Manor Racing owners had the opportunity to inform staff members of the news.

A request was made by Stephen Fitzpatrick to Sky Sports News and Slater to delay the news by merely an hour so the employees’ could be informed in person but he went ahead and broadcasted the information so the first the Manor staff knew about their impending job losses was via Sky Sports News.

You can imagine what we think of his conduct but there is no doubt Slater is getting his information straight from the horses mouth so to speak.