Some lucky guy or gal just got themselves a Black Friday bargain. It has been confirmed today by team owner Steven Fitzpatrick that the team has agreed terms with another investor to come on board. Who the mystery party is, is yet to be confirmed but we would expect to hear some concrete news very soon.

This will hopefully provide the much needed funds that are required to help build on what has overall been a very encouraging season. Today, the team gained praise from Mercedes team principle Toto Wolff who said that “having had the opportunity with Pascal and Esteban in Manor has been great. The growth in that team is really impressive”.


Stephen Fitzpatrick continues to impress us and should be heralded for the way that he has run the team. Whilst there were rumors of a potential sale there have been no leaks, no public negotiations and a deal has been announced literally out of nowhere. He has stayed in the background and is rarely seen at races and has appointment experienced people like Dave Ryan and allowed them to do what they do best. Run an F1 team. Whilst the new investor(s) is yet to be named we believe if Fitzpatrick has agreed a deal which means he remains with the team then we trust is judgment implicitly.

Exciting times may be just around the corner.