Tavo Hellmund is the new investor at Manor


We are going to take the rare step of sticking our neck on the line and state that Tavo Hellmund is the new investor at Manor Racing.

We were presented with pretty strong evidence that the Mexican was indeed the mystery backer over the weekend but decided to sit tight as it seemed the team was keen to keep it under wraps but a very credible source has made it public and confirmed what we had been presented with by a very knowledgable source.

Tavo Hellmund is a former racing driver turned promoter who is responsible for F1 returning to both America and Mexico. A long-term ally of F1 supremo Bernie Eccelstone, he will likely use his contacts on both sides of the up and coming wall in Mexico and the USA to attack sponsorship to the team. Both returning Grand Prix events have so far been a massive success.

We would expect Esteban Guiterrez to be named as a driver for the team in 2017. He is Mexican, would bring both money and three seasons worth of experience to the team. He has already stated that he is in talks with the team so this seems a no brainer.

Given Hellmunds friendship with Eccelstone we would expect Felipe Nasr to turn up as the second driver in the team. Eccelstone is on record as stating he would do what he could to have a Brazilian driver on the grid for 2017 and with Nasr’s relationship with Sauber seemingly at end, he is running out of options. With Pascal Wehrlein seemingly making a move to Sauber which makes zero sense for his career, it seems he has been told there is no room at the Manor Inn.

All of this is yet to be confirmed by the team and we still air of the side of caution but we would be seriously surprised if all of the above does not pan out as we have layed out.