The 3 into 1 story

3 into 1

We are Manor Racing Fan Blog feel we should address the story now circulating around the mainstream media regarding a possible seat share between Alexander Rossi, Rio Haryanto and Will Stevens for next season.

Last week, we received a tip off from an Indonesian source regarding the details of the meeting between Manor officials and Rio Haryanto.  We learnt that Rio had been set a deadline of later this week to come up with the full funds to secure a race seat for the entire season and been presented with an alternative option of five million dollars for 7 races.   Our sources tip off was then confirmed by a credible Indonesian website which was credited and linked to within the article.    We then hypothesized over the possibility that the seat could be shared three ways.  That is all it was, purely a suggestion.

We are 100% confident that we were the first English language website to post the update on the negotiations.  The blog was widely shared and reached our biggest audience yet.

However, we are unhappy in the way that our suggestions have been translated and turned into news.  We at MRTFB HQ are not journalists,  this is merely a hobby for us and we have loved interacting with fellow Manor fans around the world. We are not looking to monetize this blog and turn our noses up to people who just copy and paste proper journalistic work and pass it on as their own.  Any news reported on this blog will always be properly sourced and credit will always be given to the original source.

We had a good chuckle when we first noted that a prominent German Magazine had basically copy and pasted our blog and past it on as it’s own work.  Then over the weekend we noted more and more sites reporting the news.  This morning we woke up to see the BBC are now carrying the story.  As our default sports news website, we found this quite worrying and feel we need to address the story.

Of course,  it is possible that our suggestion was just a one in a million lucky guess and that the timing of our blog and then the subsequent stories appearing all over the internet is just a coincidence.  If that is proven to be the case we will happily retract this blog.   But for what it is worth (which is not a lot) we do not believe the 2nd Manor seat will be split three ways.