We hate Denmark!


Once upon a time, we at Manor Racing Fan Blog had a massive crush on all things Scandinavian. Heck, we even lived there for a while. Denmark was always our favourite of the Scandi world with the wonderful Copenhagen, Mikkeller Beer and and the highest rating of gender equality in the entire world. What was not to love?

Well that all changed big style in the past week.

Firstly, this blog is unique in that not only does it focus on the sexiest team on the grid but it is a F1 blog with a social conscious and the news that Denmark was shockingly going to be stripping refugees of cash and valuables to pay for their relocation to the country the world used to like had us snapping our Borgen triple box-set in rage.

Secondly, word on the street suggestion that Denmark’s Kevin Magnussen will be snubbing the Banbury Babes in favour of a move to Team Enstone. So angry are we with his decision that we instantly ripped up our Sarah Lund sweaters, stamped on all our Lego and went straight to the shops to buy good old BRITISH bacon!

We look forward to seeing the look on K-Mags face in Melbourne when a Banbury bullet glides by him.

Fuck you Denmark!