We need your help!


After not one but two very painful referendum defeats I have decided to take the hint and leave the UK. I shall be heading for New Zealand in two weeks time and I need your help.

This blog started off as a way of filing the gap in my life once I left academia. I missed writing and finally free to write about whatever I liked I decided to have some fun and started a blog about my fav F1 team. I did not expect it to be as popular as it has proven to be and nor did I expect it to mean I’d meet some very interesting and delightful people who share my love of F1’s smallest and sexiest team.

When I started this blog I certainly did not expect my musings to be carried around the world by legitimate news organizations who treated them as fact as has been the case on quite a few occasions. Very nice to know A.M.U.S read the blog all the same!

Nor did I ever expect to find myself in the back of an F1 garage with my headphones on listening to a driver briefing. Thanks to the very cool people who run the team that actually did happen. Something I shall never forget. I’ve even been bought beers and sent gifts by readers. How cool is that?

I have known this move was on the cards for a few months now. Unfortunately that meant a lot of hours had to be put into my day job in order to pay for it. Thus the amount of time I have been able to dedicate to the blog has decreased.

I will have more time on my hands initially in New Zealand but having lived there before it does actually feel like you have dropped off the end of the world in terms of news. The world tends to happen when you are a sleep.

I foresee the next few months to be a very interesting couple of months for the team. The fall out of not finishing 10th ensures the team remains on financial life support, both drivers for 2017 have yet to be announced and it would not surprise me in the slightest if the team is sold between now and the lights go off on in Melbourne.

Most of these news stories will happen whilst I am a sleep and more than likely out of the loops for 12 hours. Therefor, I would like to open up the blog and my twitter account to fellow fans of the team to ensure that this remains the go to blog for Manor Racing. We already have someone new on-board so after the final race of the season the views which emanates from this blog and on social media will no longer be just mine.

So if you are interesting in helping out be it on social media, writing or web design please get in touch and hopefully we can make this blog even better in 2017. You can get in touch with us via the usual social media channels or contact us via the email above in the contact section above. The more the merrier.

December tend to be a very slow month in terms of F1 news so will probably shut down whilst our bodies adjust to the timezone, the strange hot thing in the sky and get over that hilarious Kiwi accent.

Just like Manor Race Team, we will be back better than ever in 2017.

See you all on the other side.